Top 5 Renovation Regrets

Monday, November 16, 2015 Paarhammer

Insufficient insulation, air leakage, poor lighting, not selecting double glazing, and poor design are the Top 5 renovation regrets, according to the research of the Victorian Government and as stated on their website ( Let’s look at those regrets in the context of Paarhamm ..

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Natural Light

Thursday, March 19, 2015 Paarhammer

Chantal: Your latest blog on Natural Light is very relevant to my situation. I will change my small single glazed windows in the living area into large double glazed ones, receive a lot more natural light and not pay a cent more on electricity. Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thanks! Tony: Glad we could help Chantal! If you would like a quote on replacing your small windows with energy efficient larger ones, we are  ..

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Q&A Natural Light

Wednesday, March 04, 2015 Paarhammer

George: Hi Tony, we are building a modern style single story house and I also agree light +space +natural air = Happy family and added value. Our Architect with our help has designed a “U” shaped house main areas facing north /south with a long corridors with opening Louvered floor to near ceiling for cross ventilation east and west . We will also have many about 15x meters of Clerestory windows mixed louvers and fixed panel high t ..

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Natural Light Equals Happy Homes

Monday, January 19, 2015 Paarhammer

Light in the home is more valued than ever before. We strive to take advantage of the building’s orientation for energy efficiency, to include views and invite nature into our homes, and to enjoy free flowing spaces for entertaining and our individual lifestyles. When asked what people’s aspirations were when building or renovating, the most common responses are: area, light, room, space, living – according to CSR Viridian Consumer Resea ..

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