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Tilt & Turn windows 


Custom made to size, Komfortline tilt & turn windows offer visual appeal and provide a versatile and economical energy-saving solution



Made from plantation grown Victorian Ash timber, the windows feature double glazing with 16mm argon filled air gap. Low-E double glazing is possible and U-values as low as 1.8 can be achieved. In addition to employing the latest technologies that achieve high energy savings of up to 75%, Paarhammer windows can also deliver a high noise reduction.

Sanded and primed, ready for painting, with an attractive detail in the timber frame and patented German hardware which is partly mounted proud, these windows assist builders to provide a meaningful solution to energy conservation for their clients while being suited to the workflow on site. Clerestory windows and fixed panes are also available in Komfortline.

Should you wish to include colonial bars, double hung look-alikes or triple glazing, please see our Architectural Timber Range


Komfortline Komfortline (426 KB)


How Tilt and Turn works

The window (or door) will swing inward when opened in the turn position - alternatively, a sophisticated hinging mechanism allows it to open inward at the top like a hopper window (tilt). Both actions are activated by the turn of the handle, which controls all the mechanics within the frame.



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