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Bushfire safety is the winner with our BAL-40 and BAL-FZ windows and doors

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Many Australians love living in a bush setting but have to constantly cope with the threat of bushfires. In addition, new strict Building Regulations for building or renovating in bushfire hazard designated Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)  zones have put many conditions on all aspects of the external built environment.

After extensive testing, Paarhammer has obtained approval for its special fire resistant windows and doors. As such, Paarhammer is the first company in Australia to receive approval for BAL-40 and even BAL-FZ designated areas. These fire resistant windows and doors meet the Australian Standards for Building in Bush-fire Prone Areas AS 3959-2009 and AS 3959-2018, and have been tested to AS 1530.8.1-2007 and AS1530.8.2-2007. All Paarhammer Bushfire Safe windows and doors come with compliance certification.

To find out more about the BAL ratings in your area, consult your local council, building inspectors, government or local fire authority.

The first bushfire safe windows approved for building in Australia's highest Bushfire Attack Level (Flame Zone) areas

In another Australian first, Paarhammer has achieved what most experts thought impossible: a high-quality timber window that can withstand ravaging bushfires without the need for additional screens or shutters to protect conventional windows and doors.

Paarhammer BAL-FZ windows make it possible to combine aesthetics and design freedom with safety in bushfire prone areas.

Whatever your rating, you can trust Paarhammer to provide you with bushfire safe windows and doors that will perform like no other, Australia-wide. For NSW please Read more

Bushfire Safe Windows and Doors Bushfire Safe Windows and Doors (436 KB)

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Now also -/60/- rated windows available

Timber framed fire rated windows combined with Schott Pyran S® glass are fully accredited in accordance with Australian Standard AS1530.4-2005. These products are suitable for residential or commercial applications in party wall situations. Read more

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