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Passive House

With our commitment to Australia's sustainable building practices, Paarhammer windows and doors have played an important role in the progress of the Passive House.

We contributed to the success of one of Australia's first passive homes near Castlemaine in Victoria (read Case Study) and have since joined and are a proud members of the Australian Passive House Association.

A draft-free home is critical to achieve a passive home.

Attaining passive home status is the latest desire among some architects and their clients, and even large developers are now actively engaged in the race for the ultimate energy efficient building. No surprise that Paarhammer windows and doors with their extremely high energy efficiency ratings are being chosen to contribute to these exiting projects.

The Passive House is a consequent further development of a low energy house. The unnecessary heat losses through walls, roofs and windows are reduced to the extent that a heating system becomes almost unnecessary. The emphasis is on efficiency, comfort, insulation and ventilation. 

To reach Passive House status a building needs to be pressure tested to eliminate air leakages. With very low air infiltration on all Paarhammer products - from 0.05 - in addition to 7.5 energy stars, these are the ideal windows and doors for a Passive House. 

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