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Since 1990, Paarhammer windows and doors have been setting the benchmark in energy efficiency in Australia. Outstanding quality, security and design flexibility ensures architects, developers and home-owners achieve superior results and energy ratings.

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International Year of Glass: 2022
International Year of Glass: 2022
Glass is a major part of window and door products and of our daily work here at Paarhammer. But with its unparalleled versatility and technical capabilities, glass provides so much more to our society like glass optical fibers, containers for life-saving medicine, optical glasses, support of solar cells, glass fibre, glass art and so much more. Th...
Upgrade your Entrance Door
Upgrade your Entrance Door
Whether you would like to increase curb appeal, increase security or stop drafts and noise, a new entrance door might be the solution. For new buildings or renovations, the right entrance door is an investment worth making. Size Often modern homes use extra-large entrance doors or double doors for a generous entrance. Pivot doors are a consider...
What is the largest size for sliding doors?
What is the largest size for sliding doors?
Giant lift-slide doors can be made up to 400kg per leaf. This means that a height of 3.4m and a width of 2.5m (maximum of 8.8m2) per sliding leaf is entirely possible, or a slider leaf height of 2.4m with a width of 3.6m (again at a maximum of 8.8m2) can be made. Stacker lift-slide doors can be made up to 14m wide. Even large sizes like these can...

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