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We are deeply committed to a sustainable future. As such we use only AFS and PEFC timbers and FSC® certified timber in the manufacture of our windows and doors


With Victorian Ash from Gippsland no longer available, Glacial Oak is the unique brand of American Oak by ASH (Sustainable Hardwood Timbers) that is now being used for window and door frames. It is an attractive hardwood with a reliable performance and even colouring and can be stained or coated in a finish and colour of your choice. See colour samples

Glacial Oak comes from North America and is very sustainable with oak forests increasing by 39.9 million m3 every year through careful management and selective harvesting. The timber gets hand picked by colour and grade, and then milled in Heyfield, Victoria.

Manilkara Bidentata (Pacific Jarrah)

This is the timber used for the Bushfire Safe Range as it is extremely dense and self-extinguishing. It has a rich red colour that ages in time to silver grey, or it can be stained or coated in a finish and colour of your choice. Also excellent for a natural low-maintenance timber option. Manilkara is FSC® certified.

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council®

FSC® awarded Paarhammer the first FSC® certified window manufacturer in Victoria already in 2008. Chain-of-Custody tracks the FSC® certified material right through the production process all the way to the end consumer. Clients can chose Paarhammer FSC® certified products which comply with the highest social and environmental standards on the market and give peace-of-mind to customers. FSC® Trademark License Code: FSC-C015342, Chain-of-Custody Certificate Code: SCS-COC-001887