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Window Installation

As per the Australian Glass and Windows Industry (AGWA), weatherproofing of openings, specifically flashings to windows and doors, have been added to the National Construction Code (NCC) in 2019. A membrane should also be used to cover gaps between the window and the building envelope. This could be wrapping or sisalation. In essence, wall insultation should not be compromised where a window or door meets the rest of the building envelope.

Paarhammer windows and doors are made with or without reveals (lift-slide doors always have reveals), and reveals are costed separately. This way you can chose to specify your products delivered with or without reveals or a windowsill, for a traditional look or a modern square set plaster look.

Paarhammer offer videos with instruction suggestions for installing windows and doors for which a link is sent out at around the time of delivery, or earlier if required. Installation drawings for some types of building envelopes (e.g. brick veneer, etc) are available once all details of the order are finalised.

In general, installing a high performing Paarhammer window is not more complex than installing a generic product apart from emphasising insulation and airtightness as part of the process.