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Wood-Alu Range

The best of both worlds: the insulation and strength of timber inside combined with a low maintenance aluminium exterior

Sliding Doors 

One of the most popular products with architects and renovators, our sliding doors can be custom made up to 6m wide in Wood-Alu composite, providing the warmth of timber on the inside with a low maintenance aluminium exterior. 


French Doors 

For centuries, French doors have provided easy access to verandas or the outdoors and are suitable for different house styles. Available as a composite timber and aluminium combination, there is no external painting to be done - ever.


The trend towards buildings with an abundance of natural light and a seamless connection between interior and exterior spaces is growing in Australia. However, spiralling energy prices and the need for energy conservation to reduce our carbon footprint put the focus on the quality and performance of glazed doors.

Paarhammer Wood-Alu combines the natural insulating properties of hardwood timber doors with low maintenance aluminium on the exterior, both in a range of colours to suit your style. Delivering the best of both worlds: energy savings and no more exterior painting. Suitable for Passive House construction.


Wood-Alu Range Wood-Alu Range (400 KB)



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