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Advantages of Australian Made Windows

Advantages of Australian Made Windows

A 2023 Ray Morgan study found that 73% of Australians saying they are willing to pay more for Australian Made over imported products. What do you get for the extra money?

Advantages of locally made windows and doors: 

  • Knowledgeable advice and reliable customer service right here and easily accessible 
  • Outstanding quality products 
  • Ethically made under safe working conditions and with decent wages for staff 
  • Continued development of skills 
  • Less transport reduces carbon footprint 
  • Long warranties as members of an Australian Industry Association
  • Easier service options 
  • Meeting and exceeding all Australian Standards 
  • Benefits all Australians through a positive effect on the economy and job growth 

International products are readily available but Australian made products are still the smarter choice.

Customers are now more educated than ever and are looking for transparency and high quality, Australian Made products. Why are products made in Australia often more expensive than imported products? Raw Materials like e. g. Australian made glass can cost up to 4 times as much as glass from China, and wages are much higher in Australia than in many countries. Paying a fair wage and offering career paths for staff are very important at Paarhammer as the growth of the company relies on the skills and commitment of the team.  

Proud to be an Australian company

Paarhammer is proud to be an Australian company, manufacturing high performance products for well over 30 years in a regional area from timbers and glass sourced locally. Paarhammer has been accepted by the Australian Made Campaign, easy to recognise by the green and gold logo.

Australian Made Chief Executive Ben Lazzaro said it was reassuring consumers recognised the value in purchasing Australian Made.

“Australian-made products are made to some of the highest manufacturing and safety standards in the world. They are trusted, and known for their quality and reliability,” said Lazzaro. willing to pay more for Australian Made over imported products.

“This research shows Australians are continuing to prioritise manufacturing self-sufficiency, job creation, and the significant environmental and ethical benefits that come from buying Australian Made.”

Tested and compliant 

And as member of the Australian Glass and Windows Association (AGWA), Paarhammer is adhering to strict industry standards, providing clients with peace of mind. All products have been tested and are compliant to all relevant Australian Standards and one product range is also Passive House Component certified.

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