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Glazing Matters

Normal single glass is a poor insulator and offers little resistance to the passage of heat or cold

Paarhammer double-glazed windows and doors have glass which consists of 2 panes (various glass combination can be used) with a sealed space 12-20mm in between. This space is usually filled with argon gas to provide even better insulation properties. Our triple glazed products have 3 panes of glass (various glass combination can be used) with sealed spaces of twice 12-16mm, argon gas filled. Whole window U-values start from a very low 0.8 (WERS - Window Energy Rating Scheme). 

Glazing Options

Paarhammer windows and doors can incorporate a broad range of glazing options with the most optimal airgaps to achieve the highest thermal, and acoustic barriers through:

  • Double or triple glazing
  • Toughened, laminated and tinted
  • Low-E and the new soft coat low-E (Viridian Lightbridge)
  • Soundproof glazing
  • High visibility - high shading
  • Bushfire safe glass for safer living in BAL-40 and even BAL-FZ zones
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    All glass used by Paarhammer is sourced locally in Australia except one pane of the double-glazed BAL-FZ glass (origin: Germany)