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Clerestory/Tilt Windows

Architectural Timber Range



  • IV 78mm timber frame, triple glazed with 2x 12-16mm argon filled gap
  • IV 68mm timber frame, double glazed with 1x 14-20mm argon filled gap
  • Choice of glass combinations
  • Custom made
  • Low VOC spray-painted or stained in the colour of your choice
  • German tilt hardware fittings
  • Seals and multi-point locking
  • Can be automated with concealed chain drive
  • Suited for low bushfire areas and Passive House


  • Maximum width 3000mm at maximum height of 700mm
  • Height up to 2700mm at maximum width of 1500mm
  • Height minimum 450mm

WERS energy rating: from a very low 1.0

Varied use for clerestory/tilt windows

Clerestory/Highlight/Hopper/Tilt windows can be used individually, or above, below or on the side of picture windows for airflow. They are often horizontal but can also be vertical and fairly large. Motorisation is available for out of reach places with a concealed chain drive.