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Additional benefits of bushfire windows

Additional benefits of bushfire windows

Paarhammer manufactures bushfire safe windows and doors for all BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) ratings including BAL-FZ (Flame Zone). They are tested, certified, approved and compliant to all relevant Australian Standards and are designed to keep the fire out and you safe in the event of a bushfire. But the benefits go far beyond bushfire safety.

High energy efficiency

A frame thickness of 78mm combined with special double-glazing achieve 7 to 8 WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) energy stars for heating and cooling, with a U-value from a very low 1.6. Such high energy efficiency can dramatically reduce energy bills while at the same time increase comfort levels inside the building.


Less noise – No draught

There have been many studies on the negative impact of unwanted noise on people’s health. Even if one is not consciously bothered by it, exposure to noise pollution triggers various stress responses in the human body and may lead to poor mental health*.
Paarhammer windows and doors are equipped with continuous seals and German multi-point locking systems, enabling a firm, all-around airtight seal. These, in conjunction with double-glazed fire-rated glass, eliminate unwanted noise leading to a much calmer, more peaceful and healthier indoor environment.
The same features also ensure that your windows and doors are draught free. No more taping of sashes and no more draught stoppers.
To better understand the major role airtightness plays in the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, see: Draft proof your home for savings and comfort


Another key advantage of Paarhammer bushfire safe windows and door systems is security. Our multi-point locking and special hinging mechanism includes metal-to-metal locking points that are spaced around the frame, holding the sash firmly and tightly into place. Combined with thick and sturdy rebated frames, these provide unrivalled security. 

No shutters required

Bushfire shutters need to be closed before a fire, in order to offer protection. Hence, failure to deploy shutters in time may lead to disaster. Paarhammer bushfire safe windows and doors however offer protection without requiring any shutters, even for BAL-FZ. This is due to the materials used, including the fire rated Pyranova® glass, and the technologically advanced way in which Paarhammer products are manufactured. Curious how this works? Click here to see the test footage for BAL-FZ

More information on BAL-40 and BAL-FZ window and door systems.

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