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American Oak Windows

American Oak Windows

Paarhammer is now in full production of American Oak windows and doors. Since Victorian Ash is no longer available due to the Victorian Government ending native timber harvesting, American Oak was chosen as its replacement for high-performing window products due to its colour, grain, strength and sustainability.

American Oak – Quercus Rubra – is a blond, medium density hardwood of about 730kg/m3 with a straight open and even grain, and uniform texture. Windows and doors made of hardwood are naturally hard-wearing, strong, energy efficient and visually stunning. American Oak has itself a BAL-rating of 19, but should higher BAL-ratings be required Paarhammer also offers windows and doors in Manilkara up to and including BAL-FZ, tested, approved and compliant.

Quercus Rubra is a medium sized deciduous tree native to the eastern United States, where it has a wide distribution range and is one of the most important oaks for timber production. Oak forests are increasing by 39.9 million m3 every year through careful management and selective harvesting.

American Oak is processed in Victoria by Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) and sold under their brand name ‘Glacial Oak’. This timber is a PEFC-controlled source material and therefore sustainable. PEFC, the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is a worldwide organisation promoting sustainable forest management through forest certification and labelling of forest-based products.

Paarhammer has recently completed windows in Glacial Oak for a renovation, spray-painted in cream. The grain is still visible through the paint and provides an interesting aspect. The window products are double glazed to ensure high energy efficiency.

Another recent project uses Wood-Alu windows where the interior timber has a stained finish to match a cedar and blackwood interior. The Wood-Alu range features a powder coated aluminium exterior for low maintenance. These windows are triple-glazed and include extra-large items.

Our standard stains are:

Other stains and solid colours by request.

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