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Avoiding Renovation Regrets

Avoiding Renovation Regrets

Australia's love affair with renovating is expected to continue not only because Australians love to renovate, but also as households increasingly prefer to direct excessive property transaction costs towards improving their existing homes, rather than trading up.

Top 5 regrets

But renovations can be fraught with issues: according to research by the Victorian Government, the top five renovation regrets are insufficient insulation, air leakage, poor lighting, not selecting double glazing, and poor design.

Energy efficiency

Windows and doors play a very important role in buildings. They let in light but at the same time protect the home from wind, rain and cold, as well as noise and emissions. If your windows don’t perform well anymore it might be time to think about replacing them. Modern double or triple glazed products offer increased insulation and can save up to 75% of heating bills, and even up to 84% of cooling costs. These windows also feature very low airinfiltration which equals no drafts.

Styles: modern or heritage

Paarhammer manufacture a large range of windows and doors for all styles of houses, from heritage to ultra-modern. Increasing energy efficiency and sound protection, and reducing drafts, are the main drivers for exchanging windows, while large sliding or bi-fold doors to alfresco areas are sought after for both renovations and extensions to increase the living area of the home and bring the outdoors in.


Sound protection is an important consideration, especially for inner-city terraces, and exchanging double hung windows with technologically advanced Paarhammer tilt and turn windows could be the answer. These products can imitate the look of the original double hung products and are highly energy efficient while eliminating drafts and reducing sound. Retro-fitting soundproof entrance doors is also a good option, while at the same time increasing security.

Indoor-outdoor living

Large modern extensions of mostly glass and large sliding doors can enhance beautiful traditional homes and allow the owners to connect with outdoor garden, bbq or pool areas. Lift-slide doors seal extremely well and even weights up to 400kg per slider are easily moved by hand or motorised.

Since 1990 Paarhammer has provided clients with advice and the right products so that they don’t experience renovation regrets. Speak to us at the planning start of your project - with many years of experience we are here to help. Contact us

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