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Doors for Outdoor Living Spaces

Doors for Outdoor Living Spaces

With temperatures rising, our thoughts turn to outdoor areas and BBQs. Great outdoor spaces visible through glass seemingly increase your living space. Learn 3 ways to combine your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Sliding doors

– this is the most popular openable glazed door for several reasons:

  • They can be made very large. In the lift-slide technology, Paarhammer can make sliding door giants up to 3m high by 3m wide for the actual slider or 2.1m high by up to 5m wide or anything in-between, up to 400kg.
  • They are space saving. As the door/s slide over a fixed glazed area, there is no protruding door panel sticking out internally or externally.
  • They can be motorised for even easier use.
  • A variety of configurations are available, from single to double sliders, stacker sliders to corner sliders without corner post.

Bi-fold doors

– also very popular because:

  • You can open up a whole wall. In a sliding situation, one slider glides over a fixed glazed part whereas bi-fold doors stack to one or both sides but open up a much wider space between indoors and outdoors, up to 10m.
  • Tilt option. Depending on the configuration chosen, the first door can also tilt inwards from the top like a hopper window, providing ventilation and perfect air-circulation.
  • Stacking to the inside. Doors stacked to the inside keeps them out of the elements and reduces maintenance.

French doors

- suitable for special building styles:

  • Optional level magnetic threshold. The latest in hinged door thresholds has magnets attracted to the bottom of the door to make them airtight but when opened provides a level floor space.
  • Curved designs possible. Depending on your house style, French doors can be made with a curved head.
  • Easy everyday use. If you don’t want to open both parts of French doors for everyday use, one of the two doors is easy to open just as a hinged door.
  • Inside or outside opening options available.

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