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Forever Homes

Forever Homes

What can be called a ‘Forever Home’? For many it is a family home where memories are made, where one stays for a long time, a home where children are brought up, and one later retires into. This home needs to be something that can handle any changes life throws at it. Important considerations are location, flexibility that the home can change with your requirements and lifestyle, that it provides a sense of belonging, and a feeling of being comfortable.

Decisions for a Forever Home are made with longevity in mind, and less about potential resale value. Often owners want to stay in the neighbourhood and renovate by increasing or changing spaces e.g., to incorporate a growing family, or to bring the home up to date, using high quality and timeless finishes.

Whether building a new Forever Home or renovating the one you already live in, high on the list are often natural light and making the home energy efficient with an even temperature and no draughts. Windows and doors are the perfect start.

High Performance Windows

Paarhammer double or triple glazed windows eliminate draughts as they seal very well. They also save up to 80% on energy costs for heating and cooling. And with five custom-made ranges available they suit any style of building, modern or heritage, or even homes in high bushfire areas.

Examples are certified Passive House windows which are timber framed and ensure highest energy efficiency, and being draughtproof, they also provide an even room temperature and no large fluctuations between day and night, or between the seasons.

An example for extra low-maintenance windows and doors are composite Wood-Alu products which feature the warmth and energy efficiency of timber on the inside and aluminium on the outside, which means no more painting.

Heritage style windows are especially sought after in areas with a heritage overlay. These offer all the advantages of modern technology with the look of yesteryear and provide high energy savings, high noise reduction. These windows are suitable for inner city terraces where street appearances cannot change.

Paarhammer windows and doors have become an integral part of many ‘Forever Homes’ and many award-winning projects and have also been featured on SBS as well as Grand Design.

Glass also has come a long way and now double or triple glazing with low-E is used for highest energy efficiency and comfort. Glazing Explained


Comfort is described as cozy and restful, and anything that encourages serenity, well-being, or complacency as well as physical ease. Providing such a position of contentment and security is what a ‘Forever Home’ is about. Paarhammer windows can help to make it so.

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