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International Window and Door News from Fensterbau

International Window and Door News from Fensterbau

In March 2024 the Fensterbau Expo in Nuremberg / Germany was held again after a 6-year Covid break. There were more than 600 Exhibitors and 75,000 visitors from around the world, and Paarhammer went there to learn about the latest developments in the window industry to be able to offer these to our clients. 

Automation – Convenience and Connectivity

The biggest innovations were made in home automation and many expo stands offered products that could either be integrated into existing home automation or as stand-alone systems. Paarhammer’s German hardware supplier Siegenia had a display under the topic ‘It’s magic’ with wireless technology that enables fast, reliable communication between smart home devices and allows them to be linked to create customized solutions. This new communication standard combines outstanding functionality with user-friendly operation and can be operated easily using an app or voice control via a central control unit.

The smart home standard is growing rapidly with the addition of Matter-capable devises and control units. A compatible Thread home control device is required to use the Matter smart home standard. These are available from various producers and come in a variety of forms such as smart speakers, smart displays in smart monitors, soundbars and TVs from Apple, Samsung, Google and more.  

One example are smart window handles as an upgrade from manually lockable handles. These provide the perfect combination of security and convenience:

  • Lock and unlock without a key
  • Leaving home and coming home function
  • Opening and locking monitoring system
  • Central locking function
  • Remote access
  • Timer function
  • Customised smart home scenarios

The smart window handle gives you peace of mind when you are not at home as these handles can be programmed to think for themselves to lock or unlock, or to send you a reminder to perform this function centrally with a flick of your finger. 

Smart sensors can be invisibly mounted in the window frame and reliably detect the locking position of the hardware on windows. Additional scenarios can be created like turning heating or air conditioning down automatically as soon as a window is opened. When a smart sensor is surface mounted it is ideal for use as contact sensor for monitoring the entire building envelope like lift-slide systems entrance doors, even garage doors, cat flaps etc. Other functions of a smart home devise can be to control heating, air conditioning and lighting, as well as monitor the status of your windows and doors remotely.

Entrance doors – energy efficient and secure

To make a grand entrance and first impression, aesthetic and functional requirements are necessary to be taken into account. A large number of entrance doors were on display at the expo from traditional doors to architectural designs in many colours or with a combination of different materials and a variety of door hardware, especially handles, as well as automation options.

A fusion of cutting edge thermal insulation performance and contemporary design could also be seen in extra large pivot doors with newly innovated hardware and extra sealing. Pivot hinging for prestigious door solutions up to 3400mm high and 2000mm wide with a leaf weight of up to 500kg were on display. These hinges provide architects with enormous design flexibility like never before. 

While pivot doors were traditionally draughty, new threshold and sealing options combat this issue with a magnetic threshold. Seals within the threshold are attracted to magnets mounted in the bottom of the door leaf when closing the door. Paarhammer already offers the use of such magnetic seals in entrance doors and now investigates including also energy efficient pivot doors into their range.  

Overall, Fensterbau was well worth a visit.

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