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Keep warm this winter

Keep warm this winter

Paarhammer run their window manufacturing facilities sustainably, including their waste reduction system. All sawdust and offcuts are shredded and compressed into wood briquettes. No glue is used, only high pressure, and the outcome are briquettes with a density and heat output equal to Redgum.

These briquettes are offered to the public in spud crates of around 800-900kg. They are suitable for all wood heaters, so why not stay warm this winter and do something for the environment at the same time. Get your box of wood-briquettes for just $83 per around 1m3 including GST. Pick-up only, please call 03 53681999 beforehand.

They are used here to fuel a hydronic heating system which heats the offices, showroom, spray booth and laminating area of the factory, with the rest offered for sale. About 5 tonnes of briquettes are produced every week, using around 38m3 of waste material, thereby reducing landfill by around 1700 cubic meters per year, about two-thirds of an Olympic sized swimming pool.

The briquettes can be tipped into your trailer or you can get a box/crate for $100 refundable deposit placed onto your trailer. Our hours for pick up are Monday to Thursday 7.30am to 4pm or Friday 7.30am to 12noon. For more information and to ensure that we have stock, please call 0353681999.

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