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Multi-general Living on the Rise

Multi-general Living on the Rise

Common some time ago, multi-generational living has come back into fashion again. Some families live together for financial reasons, others for companionship, but whatever the motivation, households where more than one generation of adults are living under the same roof are on the rise.

As per 2016 documentation by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, multigenerational living (such as elderly parents living with their adult child’s family or adult siblings living together) reached almost 600,000 (or 2.4% of the population) with projections that this number is rising.

Households with two or three generations living under one roof need to consider a number of things to live together successfully. Space for privacy is often mentioned, treating people with respect, and ensuring that occupants understand their responsibilities and cost divisions.

To enable older occupants to not lose independence, the building could be fitted with doors with barrier free access (no step threshold) and include windows and doors with innovative designs, e.g. moving sliding doors with ease or even add automation to doors and windows. Also, differences in indoor temperatures between winter and summer, or even day and night, can be kept to a minimum with insulation and double or triple glazed windows and doors to increase comfort within the house.

Low maintenance building products like the Paarhammer Wood-Alu Range of windows and doors free up time that would otherwise be spent painting. Highly energy efficient, the products feature the warmth of timber on the inside, while the external facing is clad with powder coated aluminium cladding.

There are many benefits of several generations living together like reduced expenditure through split bills, in house babysitters, more personal and cheaper care of elderly parents than in a nursing home, companionship, etc.

To make sure multi-generational living is a success, plan for it carefully in your new home or renovation.

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