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Pivot Entrance Doors - or not?

Pivot Entrance Doors - or not?

Wide entrance doors seem to become all the rage. Why? They look impressive and are also practical as you can move large things in and out of the home.

Are they working well? Often you may have a wide entrance door but a pivot hinge is used, hence the actual walk through space is not wider than a standard hinged door. Also traditional door jambs and butt hinges struggle with larger – especially wider – doors.

Meet the Paarhammer entrance door

Featuring hinging which carry up to 200kg easily, you can now have a wide door which opens really wide. It also seals better than any pivot door can with rebates and seals which compress once the door is closed.

A choice of timber or aluminium threshold or the new barrier free magnetic threshold completes your new entrance door, which keeps out the weather, noise and draft, and the door is very secure with multipoint locking. Choose your design and update the look of your house, adding curb appeal.

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