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Powered by the Sun

Powered by the Sun

In addition to the many sustainable features of the Paarhammer window and door manufacturing plant, it is now powered by the sun. The Paarhammer factory roof recently received the addition of an almost 100 kW photo-voltaic solar system to provide electricity which is used to manufacture windows and doors.

While a high level of self-consumption is aimed for, there are also backup batteries and a gateway.

The available energy from the sun is 3000 times higher than the worldwide energy need. Solar panels for hot water, or to create energy through photo-voltaic panels, are a truly sustainable resource which reduces carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Factories are big consumers of energy during the production process, but when these energy needs are at their peak during the day (when the sun is shining) the energy can be harvested and used right away.

Paarhammer is proud to harvest clean, renewable energy for its window and door manufacturing operations. Read more about other sustainable features of Paarhammer on the About Page

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