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Powering the Window Factory – and some

Powering the Window Factory – and some

Paarhammer’s solar panels saved 173,860kg of CO2 the last 12 months which is equivalent to planting 3,400 trees, and could power around 30 homes.

The focus at Paarhammer is to manufacture sustainably. On sunny days the almost 100 kW photo-voltaic solar system provides enough electricity used to manufacture windows and doors, and more to feed into the grid.

As a leading manufacturer of energy efficient windows and doors, environmental responsibility and sustainability are taken seriously. The inputs as well as the production process are believed to be just as important as the products produced. Therefore, timbers used in the manufacture of our windows and doors have environmental certifications like AFS, PEFC timbers or FSC®, waste products like sawdust are made into briquettes and used for heating, and machinery is powered by renewable solar energy.

300 solar panels on the factory roof produce an average of 360 kWh of clean renewable energy per day, in summer this figure is in excess of 750 kWh. Over the last year Paarhammer produced 132,000 kWh (132mWh) which could power more than 23 houses in NSW or roughly 29 houses in Victoria.

Average energy consumption by State

Consumption varies significantly by State and the below are annual figures per house:

ACT:6,407 kWh

NSW: 5,662 kWh

QLD:5,335 kWh

SA:4,950 kWh

TAS:8,610 kWh

VIC:4,615 kWh

Energy use of various appliances

The following graph shows that by far the most energy used is with heating in winter:

Living in an insulated home will greatly reduce the electricity requirement for heating or cooling. Windows and doors with very low U-values help greatly as glazed areas are the weakest link.

Not just the products are important but also the process. When you chose Paarhammer as your window and door supplier you can be sure that that you receive the most energy efficient windows made in Australia, manufactured in the most sustainable way.

Paarhammer is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and saving CO2 emissions while manufacturing highest quality products.

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