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Room comfort and larger openings

Room comfort and larger openings

Many factors and functions make a space: security, comfort, health, aesthetics, sustainability, energy efficiency and much more. But the focus is always on people. Windows are part of what makes spaces become alive and people feel comfortable in them. Living spaces.

The TITAN hardware by Siegenia (Germany) is a new comfort element in Paarhammer windows. It includes a mechanical closure support that makes it easier to close the window, particularly in the case of large and heavy sashes. The additional comfort stay reduces the amount of effort required to close the sash from the tilt position due to integrated cushioning. Sash weights of up to 120kg are now possible to effortlessly open and close. 

A special climate creates special demands. That's why Paarhammer uses TITAN hardware which is made from high quality materials and has first-class surfaces. These not only offer an extremely effective corrosion protection against general environmental influences, but also protection against the stresses of extreme climate and weather conditions.

Room comfort is a holistic approach. To convert diverse requirements, expectations and needs into innovative solutions is what drives us.

Whether from the architect's design perspective or from a safety, energy and functional point of view: in any dimension, Paarhammer windows with the new TITAN hardware are an example of what we understand room comfort to be.

Siegenia TITAN Hardware is available in Australia by Siegware

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