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Top 5 Renovation Regrets

Top 5 Renovation Regrets

Insufficient insulation, air leakage, poor lighting, not selecting double glazing, and poor design are the Top 5 renovation regrets, according to the research of the Victorian Government and as stated on their website www.sustainability.vic.gov.au

Let’s look at those renovation regrets in the context of Paarhammer windows and doors:

1. Insufficient insulation: Paarhammer windows provide excellent insulation with U-values from as low as 0.8, the lowest made in Australia

2. Air leakage: there are no drafts, and air infiltration is from a low 0.05%

3. Poor lighting: well insulated energy efficient windows can be made much larger, while still out performing a smaller single paned uninsulated window, hence allowing much more natural light into the space

4. Selecting double glazing: all Paarhammer windows and doors are double or triple glazed for the highest energy efficiency

5. Poor design: we always recommend placing large glazed areas to the north, smaller glazed areas to the east, and very small windows - and only if really necessary - to the west unless there is appropriate shading.

Under the National Construction Code, all new homes, extensions and major renovations must have a six star thermal performance rating. Up to ten stars are possible and such houses are extremely comfortable in winter as well as summer as the temperature inside stays very much the same without huge fluctuations.

In very low star performance rating houses the inside temperature is very close to the outside temperature as soon as the heating or cooling is turned off. This means that a low star house needs a lot of energy just to make it habitable. That's a very far cry from living comfortably, and also translates to higher running costs.

At Paarhammer we have been working to provide clients with the correct advice and products so that they don’t experience the Top 5 renovation regrets. Speak to us at the start of your project - with many years of experience we are here to help. Contact us

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