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U-value of 0.8

U-value of 0.8

Hot off the press! The latest energy efficiency test for Paarhammer achieved a very low 0.8 U-value. Testing is performed for the whole window system which includes the frame, glass, seals and spacers. All components make a difference to the energy used in your home. A lower U-value number indicates better energy efficiency.

Tested by Ian Bennie & Associates, an Australian Fenestration Rating Council - AFRC – accredited organisation, the results are:

PAR-009 Fir Timber Fixed Window rated with SuperSpacer – TG

ID Name Glazing Name Glazing ID Uw SHGCw Tvisw
2 PAR-009-001-01-4-12Ar-3-12Ar-4 4-12Ar-3-12Ar-4 10400 1.7 0.52 0.56
3 PAR-009-002-01-4PThrm-12Ar-3PThrm-12Ar-4PThrm 4PThrm-12Ar-3PThrm-12Ar-4PThrm 10405 0.8 0.23 0.40
5 PAR-009-002-02-4SB70XL-12Ar-3SB70XL-12Ar-4SB70XL 4SB70XL-12Ar-3SB70XL-12Ar-4SB70XL 10406 0.9 0.16 0.28

These new ratings have just been published by WERS in the Window Energy Rating Scheme.

It is important to remember that window placement and site orientation also have an impact on the type of windows required within a house. Paarhammer offers products starting with a U-value of 2.2 and go as low as 0.8.

Windows and doors now also receive star ratings, a bit like appliances. The higher the number of stars the better the window. Paarhammer manufacture products from 3.5 to 7.5 stars for heating and/or cooling.

High performance windows and doors save energy and increase interior comfort. In addition they provide significant benefits in noise control, improve quality of life and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As a consumer you should also receive an energy rating certificate which states the energy efficiency ratings of your windows and doors.

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