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Views with Functionality

Thursday, May 14, 2020 Paarhammer

Imaging sitting at the dining table in this room or on the lounge, your eyes are drawn to the distant hills. Your views are not interrupted as large fixed panes are used here as picture windows. The main three fixed glazed areas are balanced on the left- and right-hand side of the central sliding door, and directly above.
The lift-slide door in the centre of this combination allows for easy indoor-outdoor living and invites you to explore the great outdoors.

But what about airflow when the sliding door is closed? On the bottom left there is a tilt window which draws fresh air in, and it is low enough not to interrupt the gorgeous view. This window features a flyscreen to keep pesky pests outside, and the positioning ensures it is not in the line of sight.

All parts of this window, door and fixed pane combination are made in Victorian Ash timber and triple glazed to be highly energy efficient.

Create your own combination to enjoy a view and/or fashion a focal point in your next build.

See more of this project in the case study 'Modern Country Home'

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