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Lift-Slide Doors

Architectural Timber



  • IV 78mm timber frame, triple glazed with 2x 12-16mm argon filled gap
  • IV 68mm timber frame, double glazed with 1x 14-20mm argon filled gap
  • Choice of glass combinations
  • German lift and slide hardware
  • Custom made to many configurations
  • Scheme A and Scheme C can be automated
  • Low VOC spray-painted or stained in the colour of your choice
  • Multi-layer seals to eliminate drafts, night vent
  • Suited for bushfire areas up to and including BAL-29, and for Passive House


  • Weight up to 300kg per slider
  • Slider width up to 2.4m at a maximum of 6m2 per leaf
  • Height up to 2.7m at a maximum of 6m2 per leaf
  • Overall width by request

WERS energy rating: U-value from a very low 1.0

Ultimate strength 2300pa (N4), water penetration 150pa

Door Configurations

Technologically advanced lift-slide sliding doors are available in a variety of configurations:

For over-sized sliding doors see Giant Lift-Slide Doors

For stacking sliding doors see Stacker Lift-Slide Doors

For corner sliding doors see Corner Lift-Slide Doors

Lift-slide sliding doors are also available in these other Ranges: Wood-Alu, Komfort+, Passive House, Bushfire