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Since 1990, Paarhammer windows and doors have been setting the benchmark in energy efficiency in Australia. Outstanding quality, security and design flexibility ensures architects, developers and home-owners achieve superior results, bushfire safety and energy ratings.

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NCC - Energy Efficiency & Livability
NCC - Energy Efficiency & Livability
The new National Construction Code (NCC) which came into effect on the 1st of May 2023 (start date has to be adopted by each State and Territory) includes higher energy efficiency regulations and provisions for dwellings to better meet community needs including for the elderly or those with mobility limitations. Paarhammer products meet and exceed ...
Care and Maintenance for your Windows
Care and Maintenance for your Windows
Windows are exposed to a variety of environmental influences such as dust, soot, pollen, UV radiation, rain, heat and cold, but high-quality products are durable and relatively easy to look after. To benefit from the longest possible service life, it is important to regularly care for your new windows and doors right from the start so that the desi...
Clerestory Windows: Unique Benefits
Clerestory Windows: Unique Benefits
What are clerestory windows and why can we see their revival in modern homes? Clerestory windows are often narrow windows placed towards the top of a wall, close to the ceiling or roofline. While already used by the Egyptians and over the centuries in many churches, clerestory windows are now frequently seen in modern homes. Clerestory windows ...

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