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Modern Windows

Modern Windows

A more comfortable indoor environment, more security and more energy-efficiency to save on heating and cooling, are some of the expectations of modern windows. While tilt & turn windows and lift-slide sliding doors have been common in Europe for decades, these opening types are fast becoming a much-loved part of Australian homes.

Frame Materials

Timber is very much in demand for its biophilic and health properties and its natural look. Timber also re-grows, hence it is a sustainable material that provides strength when manufactured into European style window and door frames. These frames are generally 68mm thick, or for even higher performance 78mm thick, suitable for double or triple glazing.

For the best of both worlds, a timber widow with a thin external alumininium cladding provides the warmth of timber inside and low maintenance outside. Read more

Frame Colours

A clear colour on the inside of timber frames brings out the feeling of nature and warmth and is very much on trend. Colours on the outside include now often a dark shade like anthracite or a cool grey for a crisp and modern look. To achieve an even finish, the paint, stain or lasur gets applied by a spray-painting robot at the Paarhammer manufacturing plant. All finishings are low-VOC.

Hardware and handle colours

Like with taps for a bathroom, window hardware and handle colours are a fashion item. At this time dark colours, especially black, are definitely on trend to give windows and doors the modern look.


Soft coat low-E is usually used inside a double or triple glazed insulation glass unit to stop it from getting scratched and to provide the best energy ratings. Depending on which glass surface the coating is used depends on whether the building is in a cold or warm climate.


Apart from buildings with heritage overlays, for other buildings larger glazed units present a modern look and invite the outside in. This can be done with fixed panes to enjoy the view and get maximum light inside. Fixed units can be complemented with a narrow opening section for ventilation either on the side or on the top or bottom. Another option are lift-slide sliding doors which cannot only be very large, but seal extremely well and are easy to open and close. These can even be automated.


Window hardware is now available with sensors that monitor the temperature and open or close either automatically or on command from you’re an app on your phone. Smart locks or motor drives can be incorporated into your windows and doors, either stand alone or incorporated into a home security system. In the near future there will be scenarios like ‘Leaving Home’ where  your home locks behind you and ‘Coming Home’ where it automatically unlocks when you come home. 

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