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French Connection


‘A house exactly like in the South of France’ that was the brief for these clients. Not just in looks but most importantly in how the house feels. Windows and doors make a large contribution.

Insulation is everywhere: the external walls, the ceiling and roof, and of course the windows. Double glazed timber windows with tilt & turn mechanism and a number of French doors were made with energy efficiency and comfort in mind.

For shading in summer and to fit the French theme, some windows feature external shutters. These can be operated easily from the inside, either automated or in this case, manually.

The home exudes permanence and a long history. It features a comfortable indoor climate which does not change much between winter and summer, day and night, even if temperatures outside vary greatly from 5 to 40 degrees.

Walk towards the building and it looks decidedly French. Step into it and you forget the Australian summer heat outside. It feels very permanent and has this feeling which is hard to describe but which every visitor comment on, the feeling of being comfortable.

The dictionary describes comfortable as applies to anything that encourages serenity, well-being, or complacency as well as physical ease. This house definitely has all these attributes.