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Timeless Elegance


High energy efficiency and comfort was the brief for this residence by Design Unity. It was built in CSR Hebel with triple glazed windows and doors. The clients chose Paarhammer’s Wood-Alu Range of products for their low maintenance, with aluminium cladding on the outside, and for the highest energy efficiency, timber on the inside. White was chosen for both the interior and exterior of the windows and doors to add to the timeless feel of the home.

The residence features large picture windows including angled shapes, tilt & turn windows, French doors and automated clerestory windows. Installed with square set plaster, reveals and architraves were not required. Patented German hardware provides unparalleled security and strength, and gives piece of mind to the occupants.

From a European background, the clients wanted to achieve an equivalent kind of home to those in Europe, where temperatures inside stay almost constant all year round. Together with solar energy and high levels of insulation, the windows help make this home comfortable in all seasons.