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Natural Haven


Located in the highest Bushfire Attack Level - Flame Zone (BAL-FZ), the owners of this property wanted to create a welcoming residence surrounded by nature and forest. Custom-made Paarhammer Bushfire Safe Range was the obvious choice for windows and doors.

The FSC certified and self-extinguishing Manilkara Bidentata hardwood for the window frames provide a warm look and noticeable contrast to the light coloured bricks. The three distinct gables were glazed in fixed panes to allow light and sun into the double height living areas.

Large, glazed doors, lift-slide doors and lift-slide stacker doors provide easy access to the outdoors from several rooms in the house, including of course the living areas. On other elevations fixed panes were used to enjoy the stunning garden views, or tilt & turn windows for ventilation. The frame dimensions were 80x78mm for windows, 120x78mm for doors and 95x78mm for sliding doors.

All BAL-FZ products use Schott Pyranova intumescent glass which is made into double glazed units to achieve high energy efficiency in addition to fire safety, in accordance with the Australian Standard 1288-2006 and all relevant fire rating standards.

The double rebated timber frames are fine sanded and are coated once with Adler Lignovit Lasur. Being a lasur, this finish does not peel off, it rather wears off, meaning that this finishing treatment should be re-applied periodically unless it is planned to let the frames age gracefully to a silver grey look.

This project also features a 1400mm wide entrance door in timber and glass. Every Paarhammer window and door is fitted with multi-point locking hardware, providing metal to metal security locking to guarantee close to zero air infiltration. This hardware is also engineered to deal with the added weight of BAL-FZ glass units.

Tilt & turn windows are fitted with flyscreens with stainless steel mesh as required for BAL-FZ.

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Builder: Arthouse Projects

Architect: Roberston Collectif

Photographer: Anna Wiewiora - Annamul